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    I am sorry to announce that the shared drive service will cease to exist.

    Google has been making some changes in their Workspace service which resulted in the account being permanently suspended by TOS. I've been trying to recover the account with Google's support with no success. Google has also been phasing out their unlimited storage feature after 6 years of it's introduction with overquota accounts all entering read-only mode by August as of now.

    Making this service selfhosted would be unfeasible for the price being practiced and the amount of storage required, for this reason the service won't be continued.

    Free filehosts with generous conditions are also becoming more scarce these days due to certain rising costs in European datacenters and maturity reach. For this reason DDLbase as a DDL site won't be updated anymore, because the goal of this website was to provide free links with the least restrictions possible.

    As an alternative I'll make a Popcorn-Time tutorial in here which I believe is a great solution to those who are used to Plex, Kodi or any other similar solution, I believe peer-to-peer based services are the future as home broadband connections these days are reaching symmetric Gigabit speeds in many countries at affordable prices.

    I'm also a part of TorrentGalaxy community these days.

    You can download Popcorn-Time's official releases in here:

    Desktop tutorial:


    Popcorn-Time is as simple as it gets, it has an API that scrapes each respective title magnet/torrent releases from sites like YTS, 1337x and TorrentGalaxy. The latter 2 include all kinds of releases including higher bitrate BDRips and REMUXes.


    Using this desktop version, Popcorn-Time can stream the torrents directly to any SmartTV that support DLNA in the same local network (then you just need to click Accept to give permission), making it a very practical solution to stream your favorite contents.

    It also has an OpenSubtitles API integration that loads the respective subtitles to each release using an OpenSubtitles account.

    Torrents which have finished streaming/downloading can also be accessed through this option called "Cache Folder"


    If you wish to use to Popcorn-Time as a more standalone solution without having to stream from your PC to your TV, the alternative is to have an Android based TV, Android TV dongle or Android box and install Popcorn-Time for Android there.

    If you wish to stream any other Torrent, you can use which also supports DLNA.

    I hope you've enjoyed the journey until now, this is the best I can do conclude the initial DDLBase's mission.

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